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The Feathered Silk Story

Textile Designs.


Textile Designs

The Feathered Silk Story

Over the years, the breadth of our design experience has naturally broadened to incorporate a variety of mediums, as we discover and devise products to complement our work, with textiles by far our biggest crush. Silk, in particular.

The very first whisper of our Feathered Silk range came about many moons ago, with a blushing bride on the hunt for a raw, organic alternative to run-of-the-mill ribbon to adorn her wedding stationery. Custom designed and made to order in a tiny little batch, that first handful of silk ribbon celebrated the notion of slowing down to create quality rather than quantity. In this modern age of off-the-rack things made on the cheap, the concept of making with thought, care, simplicity and plain-old skill is one that we ladies revel in.

Years on, we have our ribbon-making down to a fine art (you can get your hands on them here), and our heart for textiles has only grown. From handcrafted ribbon came runners, scripted fabric banners, printed materials, and the grandest of silk backdrops, all pieced together from our sweet little studio.

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