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est. 2010

Our Story.


est. 2010

The Lines and Squares team are a tight-knit bunch. Kinfolk with a shared vision, we whip up wares for swooners of stationery and fine silk, telling the stories of our clients through our love of design, carefully curated type and a heritage sense of craftsmanship.

Lines and Squares came to life in 2010 under the keen eye of owner and Creative Director, CHLOË HOPE-JOHNSTONE. Our couturier of all things creative, Chloë is the visionary behind each of our products and designs. Having never been the type to pick things off the rack, she has a spirited ambition to steer clear of the carbon copied and is devoted to helping our habitué coast the custom design process with ease, melding whims and fancies into creations that sing of our clients in every which way.