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Tailored Stationery Packages

Lines and Squares offers clients the opportunity to choose from a range of different services and our team has worked hard to design our stationery packages to suit a broad range of budgets and specific needs. The following is an outline of the stock-standard packages on offer, which have been created to give you an idea of the different options available. However, the only rule is that there really aren’t any rules. Packages can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content, allowing you to take on as little or as much work as you desire.


Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  FULL DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: Our most sought after package includes the whole kit and caboodle and delivers a professional product that's completely free of stress. Designs will be provided in their finished form, packaged into sweet little bundles and awaiting your shrieks of giddy delight.

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  PRINT AND CUT: A step down from our full design and finishing services, each component of the design comes professionally printed and cut to the exact millimetre; all that’s left to contend with is assembly.

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  PRINT ONLY: This package is designed as a happy medium between our D.I.Y and full custom design services. Clients are free to take advantage of our high quality printers and knowledge of how our printers perform with each of the specialty papers we stock. Pieces will come printed on individual sheets of cardstock, with all of the resources required to complete your design to the top notch standards we pride ourselves on.

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  DO-IT-YOURSELF: For those who wish to be that little more involved, packages containing just the raw materials are on offer so that you can personally create your paper pieces, adding that little extra personal touch while also reducing your costs. This package contains all of the cardstock and necessities, but leaves the typography, printing, cutting and finishing in the hands of the client.

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