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Your Possibilities In Print

Lines & Squares, along with our little, local collection of confrères, offer following printing services:-

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  IN-HOUSE DIGITAL PRINTING: Our in-house digital printing service utilises Epson’s high performance photo printing technology to create a unique array of products, each tailored to the individual client. Our printers employ UltraChrome K3 inks, a pioneering pigment-based ink system, including three-level black ink technology, which ensures exacting standards of colour accuracy, precise grey balance and a smooth sweep between highlights and shadows. Designed and tested for quality on a wide range of our specialty papers, the resin-coated inks are lightfast and boast a superb sense longevity and durability.

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  WHITE INK PRINTING

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  LARGE FORMAT AND FINE ART PRINTING

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  LETTERPRESS PRINTING: Dating back over 570 years to the invention of movable type in 1440, letterpress is the oldest form of printing available. It is a true labour of love that involves skill, patience and finesse and reflects an era of quality craftsmanship that the Lines and Squares' team is proud to uphold centuries later. As with all of our products, each of our letterpress creations are individually designed in consultation with our clients. Negatives and steel-backed plates are created from our artwork, which is then inked and pressed into the surface of the finest of imported cotton rag stocks, creating a highly tactile, marked impression. In this modern day and age of off-the-rack things made on the cheap, letterpress allows us to honour the traditions of days gone by and hold a little bit of history in our hands.

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  HOT FOIL STAMPING AND EMBOSSING: Like letterpress, foil stamping is a relief printing method in which metallic foils are applied to paper. Blocks are created bearing our designs and, using a combination of heat and pressure, are used to transfer and adhere the foiled design to the sheet of cardstock.

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  LASER CUTTING AND ENGRAVING

Small Watercolour Square (Coral)  FABRIC PRINTING

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