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Sport & Body Physiotherapy Branding

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of living with chronic pain will tell you that your pain care team fast become part of your family. Given the enormous role they play in the day-to-day, it’s no secret that we consider ours to be an integral part of team Lines & Squares. While we were slightly jealous that the lucky folk of Onslow were being gifted this gorgeous girl, we were understandably smitten to have been asked to create the face of Sarah’s next venture. An innovative new practice in the heart of the Pilbara, focussing on physiotherapy and Pilates, the goal was to establish a fresh take on those familiar elements that we’ve come to know from her industry peers, steering away from the body-based imagery while ensuring they would be easily identified as a practice by curious passers-by. Keeping things fresh with splashes of navy and serene blue watercolour, the SBP branding took shape with a mixture of classic Roman and simple sans-serif lettering, which was paired with clean lines throughout to create a visual identity that’s a perfect combination of minimalism, modernism and pure might.

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