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Serenity Skin Therapy Branding & Stationery

As the gorgeous girl behind our beauty fixes and fortnightly coats of colour, of course, we ladies jumped at the chance to give back and create for the ever lovely Kristy as she embarked on a revamp of her sweet salon. After 16 years at the helm of Woodvale Body & Beauty, her rebrand was a chance to refocus on her philosophy of providing pampering at affordable prices, while shining a light on the things they do best. Starting with a logo to reveal their new name, Serenity Skin Therapy, her brief was short and sweet - a delightfully fresh face to reflect her shabby chic style, combining feminine, fun and unfussy finishes with a soft palette of warm, taupe-y greys and splashes of duck egg blue. The sole necessity – the creation of a sentimental little dandelion sketch that, in true Lines & Squares fashion, was brought together by a dotted chain of watercolour. Pairing inky, organic lettering and handcrafted sans-serif type with our newly created illustrations, the finished product is a charmingly contemporary nod to Serenity’s relaxed shabby chic character, which has continued to flow throughout the salon; one part rosy, one part refined and a few hints of yesteryear.

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