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 Lines & Squares Chronic Pain Campaign (A Lines & Squares Initiative)

The story of Lines & Squares is one that goes hand-in-hand and is impossible to tell without our tail of chronic pain...

Lines & Squares first came to life in 2010 as a fun little something to fuel my creativity alongside my ‘real’ job. Unbeknown to me at the time, life had a very different plan. A few short months later, at a fit and healthy twenty-three, a mystery bout of persistent pain eventually forced me to resign from my seven years in Children’s Services. As our Lines & Squares family muddled our way through a medical minefield for answers, our creative ventures naturally received that little extra love and devotion. It wasn’t long before those reveries became reality and, five years on, Lines & Squares has progressed and prospered in ways that none of us could have seen coming. While I’m by no means pain free, conquering the world or making millions, I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to build something that feeds my hunger for creativity and encourages me (or forces me when need be) to make the most of what I have to give. More often than not, it’s that ability to follow hopes and dreams to fruition and to grasp the sense of fulfilment that follows which is lacking in the lives of those with chronic pain. Unfortunately, we’ve come to learn that it’s a quandary which far too many people are forced to face, often without adequate support. While life is far from smooth sailing and each day comes with its own unique set of challenges, I’m lucky enough to be amongst that tiny five percent of folk that hasn’t fallen through the cracks. The purpose and drive that Lines & Squares brings to my life is a direct result of my incredible family and the long list of health professionals I’ve been gifted over the last few years. We can only hope that other 95% of the staggering pain population are able to follow in our footsteps and revel in the same rewards.

Chloe Hope-Johnstone


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